*Note: I created the most of the tutorials using the Roboblitz and Gears of War editors. Based on the engine, and the version, some properties specified may be in slightly different locations than what is displayed in the screenshots.

If you need to learn how to create a basic map I would reccomend:
For UT99, UT2K3 & UT2K4: the Unreal Wiki.
For UT3: Waylon's Tutorials.

Random Switch

Random Switches are actions that switch the course of a signal entering the switch randomly.

• The signal enters the switch, and then the switch randomly chooses the outgoing Link and passes the signal through it.

• The Link Count is the number of possible exits the random switch has to choose from.

• The Active Link node is an integer value that keeps track of which of the links is active as they change. For example, if Link 3 was the active link, the integer connected to the Active Link node would have a value of 3.

• The Increment Amount is (I think) the amount by which the switch choice will progress. But in a test map, it didn't seem to have any effect so... It's up to you to decide. :)